Empowered Word

Empowered Word

Scripture: Blessed are the poor for they shall be . . .

May times while ministering the word of God, I allow the students to see my study notes. I realize that this is a very usual practice in the church today; but I wanted them to know exactly were I'm gathering my information; or the source. My primary source is the indwelling spirit of Jesus Christ; however, christ has left us with a body of work that we use from time to time. I have create a list of reference tools that I have in my personal library. The list will continue to expand within the coming days.


Books on Counseling
ISBN No. Title
031051150X The Christian Counselors Manual by Jay E Adams
0310511402 Competent to Counsel by Jay E Adams
0310511011 A Theology of Christian Counseling by Jay E Adams
0310510716 Shepherding God's Flock by Jay E Adams
031051181X How to Help People Change by Jay E Adams
0310511119 Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage in the Bible by Jay E Adams
1418500054 Counseling: How to Counsel Biblically by John MacArthur



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