The doctrine of Jesus Christ and His Apostles

1. The New Birth ye must be born again.
2. The Keeping of the Ten Commandments written by God's own finger.
3. Divine healing
4. The administration of feet washing and communion at the same service.
5. Tithes and Offering an early duty of the People of God.
6. The Eating of Selective Foods as Holy People should.
7. Everlasting Life Before Going Through the Grave.
8. Absolute Holiness Through the Love of God.
9. Resurrection of the Dead.
10. The Translation of the Saints.
11. The Second Coming of Jesus.
12. The Thousand Years the New Heaven and New Earth.
13. Jesus is God, God is Jesus
14. Baptize in the Name of Jesus Christ.
15. Water Only for Sacrament.
16. Water Always Has Been Used for Salvation With the Blood.
17. Sin Not Against the Holy Ghost.
18. Elect and Election.
19. Foreknowlege
20. Pre-Existence of Jesus
21. Christ Redeemer Always
22. Signs
23. The Passover Forever a Type of Christ
24. Unity of God's People