Empowered Word

Empowered Word

Scripture: Blessed are the poor for they shall be filled.
Quickbooks Training

When I first started using Quickbooks approx. 5 years ago, I had more questions about the product than I had answers. Today, I feel stronger about this particular product and I recommend it to all of my church friends that need to keep records. Quickbooks is a small business accounting software package that allows you to organized, track, and keep financial records for your business. I have found that this product works well for nonprofit churches. The lesson below introduces you to Quickbooks 2009; however, the principles shown can help with any version.

Time Description Movie
00:56 Welcome
01:08 The Chart of Accounts
02:20 Accounting Methods
03:56 The Easy Setup Interview
03:07 Income and Expense Report
01:51 Balance Sheet
01:17 Printing
02:21 Backup File
03:05 Importing Data
01:58 Preferences
02:43 Add New User



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